Ministry in Zagtouli

When we arrived in Burkina, we began language school to learn French. During this time, we were also learning under the ministry of veteran missionary Keith Shumaker and the church he started in an area of the capital called Cissan. Towards the end of our language studies, we came out to another part of the capital called Zagtouli and started a new church under the umbrella of the ministry of Keith Shumaker.

Starting this church has provided some of the greatest blessings and lessons in our lives so far. We started the church in April of 2017 under a straw hanger. We began inviting the people of Zagtouli to church and giving them the Gospel. God has blessed the church and over this past year, we have seen many people saved and baptized. God has given us a strong, faithful core of members who are not only faithful to church, but are also faithful to evangelization and to help with the other ministries of the church, such as children’s club. Every Sunday, we average around forty adults who come faithfully for the service, many of whom were saved at the church. We have since moved into a building and are exciting to see how God will continue to use this church!

In a country where the life expectancy is just over fifty, it is important to reach the children and teens early with the Gospel. We have weekly children’s clubs and youth meetings at the church to help reach these young people with the Gospel and show them how much God loves them and desires to save them. We are excited by the youth and children the church had been able to touch over the past year.

Future ministry plans in Bobo-Dioulasso

God has opened the door for us to go to the second largest city of Burkina Faso, called Bobo-Dioulasso, to start more churches. We have plans to move there upon our return from furlough. Currently, there are close to a million people living in Bobo and in the surrounding towns and villages. However, there are few, if any, churches in the city preaching the Gospel. Bobo is a city that is enveloped by two strong beliefs: Islam and animism.

The Muslims came to Bobo in the 1800s and built a massive mosque that still stands today and has become one of the most famous monuments in Burkina. They then slowly began to build a strong base in Bobo and the surrounding areas. Today, the city of Bobo and surrounding areas are dotted by numerous mosques full of souls on their way to Hell.

Many of those that have resisted the spread of Islam still cling strongly to their traditional tribal belief called Animism.  They worship the spirits of their ancestors, which they believe dwell inside the sacred catfish that live nearby. Every day, they come before these fish, offering sacrifices and praying for a deliverance that will never come.

The area of Bobo is in very great need. But the only hope the people there can find is in Jesus Christ. We are praying for the Lord to do a mighty work in the city of Bobo-Dioulasso. We pray for God to start many churches and raise up Burkinabé pastors who can advance the work and serve God faithfully. We are thankful and excited for the opportunities that God has opened for us to go to Bobo and begin to do His work there.